Transform your Body

take those first steps of achieving the body you have always wanted by working with me, START TODAY!

  • Personal Training

    since I began training It was always a dream of mine to become a Personal Trainer, and that dream has finally come true! since acquiring my Certified Personal Trainer license my goal is to help YOU! I know how hard it was when I was starting to workout, and I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wants to begin their journey. contact me today to build a better you!

  • Weight Loss

    looking to lose that extra weight? I can help! at the beginning of my fitness journey fat loss seemed as if it would never happen. in a sea of information I didn't know where to start. over the years of trial and error I learned how to make it happen quickly yet sustainably. let me help you break that barrier!

  • Gaining Muscle

    having trouble gaining size? I can help! we can work together to pack on mass through your diet and training regimen. gaining muscle is tough, but over my years of training and experience in the weight room we can make it happen for you as well!

  • Competing

    I have competed and placed in four different bodybuilding shows since I started my fitness journey, even winning the Men's Physique Novice Overall at the NPC Jay Cutler Classic in 2023

  • Tyrone

    "Egan knows exactly what to do for each specific goal that I present to him. Since training together, I have not only upgraded my physical appearance, but also changed the way that I think about fitness and nutrition."